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How-To: Maxfield Parrish Cloud and Sky

Using textures from the Photomorphis Cloud and Sky Collection.
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Dimensional Divisions Creative Tips

Doug shares some texture techniques for the unique Dimensional Divisions collection.
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Featured Artist Tutorial: Michael Sågerås

 "I seek to combine the mood and light of the image with different textures and blending modes in Photoshop to achieve a painterly result."  Michael Sågerås

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Featured Artist Tutorial: Denise Worden

 "For me, the process is very much like painting and I love the changing and varied effects it can have on the mood of an image."  Denise Worden

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How-To: Subtle Textures and Dramatic onOne Presets

IT takes 7 minutes to create a textured image using Photoshop and onOne's Perfect Effects.

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How-To: Photoshop Pumpkin Carving

Learn digital pumpkin carving and a lot more in our free tutorial video. Happy Halloween!

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How-To: Exploring HDR in Photoshop CC

Doug Landreth shows you how to convert a 32 bit HDR layer into a Smart Object and tone map the image in Camera Raw as a Smart Filter.
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How-To: Texture Masking Secrets

In this Photoshop tutorial Doug Landreth shows you how to control the texture effect with some  easy-to-use masking techniques.
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Tutorial: Heading Home

Hands down, we have a winner. So here's the latest how-to from Doug based on his composition "Heading Home" from the series Art Out West.
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