Free Tutorial: Lightroom Preset Tips

Get more out of your Photomorphis Lightroom presets with professional tips from fine art photographer Doug Landreth. How to install, organize, work with virtual copies, copy and paste settings, history panel and preset backup tips. And be sure to check out the dramatic before-and-after-preset shots in the gallery below.

Looking for the Lightroom preset basic installation video

What can you do with Photomorphis Lightroom presets?

Our new LR presets can be painterly and subtle or bold and dramatic. And every one of them will take you in a fresh direction.

Presets make it easy to try new photo styles and effects: Simply click and see professional results instantly. You'll probably even find creative solutions for photos you've given up on.

Artists will love the immediate gratification. Workflow obsessives will love the efficiency. And control freaks will love fine-tuning the effects.

If you're new to LR presets we have you covered. Our quick-start PDF or video tutorial can have you up and running in no time.

See the new Lightroom Presets