Slim Pickins Tutorial Part 2

Click center arrow for tutorial. For better viewing use the full-screen button, in the lower right corner, after video begins.

Learn how to create this dramatic textured photo-composite in Photoshop. You can follow along with Doug Landreth using the free source files including all the photos, textures, and ACR preset used in the Slim Pickins Tutorial Video.

Slim Pickins Part 2 continues the assembly of the Skull and Vulture composite photograph. With the elements of the composite assembled and the masks in position, it's time for Doug to to add much-needed drama and mood using non-destructive adjustments: Clarity, saturation, exposure, curves, sharpening, noise reduction, grain and more. Also, discover a very neat trick for influencing the tonal values of an image using a Channel Mixer adjustment layer. 

Click to download the source files. It's free and the download will start immediately. Look for the file in your browser download folder.

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