Handy New Brush Features in Photoshop CC 2018


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Here's a quick video to show the new brush organization available to you if you’ve just uploaded the new Photoshop CC 2018 or to entice you to do so if you haven’t!

This is a huge new feature for anyone who has struggled with loading, finding or organizing brushes in Photoshop.

First of all, they’ve renamed the brush panels in a way that makes more sense.  The old brush panel is now appropriately called the Brush settings panel, and the old brush presets panel is now the Brushes panel.  It’s where all your brushes are stored.  The really big improvement is that brushes can now be organized in folders and subfolders inside this brushes panel. 

You can preview the brushes in the brushes panel a variety of ways by selecting the brush name, the stroke profile and the brush tip in combination or only the ones you wish to show by using the brushes panel fly- out menu options.

You also have the ability to select different brushes from your library and create a new Brush Groups from those you’ve selected to help organize them the way you want. They’ll then be nested inside a group if you selected brushes from an existing group.

You create new brush groups by clicking the “new Group” icon at the bottom of the panel with the textures selected, or by using the panel fly-out menu. 

You can move the groups around as you see fit, as well as moving the brushes to reorder them to your liking or to drag and drop them into one of your brush groups.  This can be super helpful in categorizing you brushes so that you can find the ones you want quickly.

In addition, you can use this new zoom slider at the bottom of the panel to scale the brushes previews so you can more or fewer previews in the panel.

You also have the same abilities in the Brush preset picker in the brushes tool bar.

Also, the brushes panel is always active no matter what tool your currently using so if you wish you can just click a brush in the brushes panel and the brush tool is automatically selected  

It’s also easier than ever to add brushes to your collection.  For instance, if you were to purchase some of our Photoshop brushes, just double-clicking on the “.abr” brushes file in your downloads, they will immediately appear in their own folder in your brushes panel! Of course, you can also use the “import brushes” command from the panel fly-out panel as well.

Another new feature is that brush presets are more complete now by being able to store important brush settings for the brushes option bar such as the blend mode, opacity etc., It’s no longer necessary to create a tool preset to include these settings in brush presets!

 These improvements to brush organization in Photoshop 2018 make it much easier to add and locate a wide variety of brushes to your creativity tool kit inside Photoshop, so if you’ve been reluctant to experiment with brushes much in the past, this might be the best time to jump in!  Check out some of the brushes we offer at photomorphis.com