We have a morphmonday winner!

Mouse over the image to see the before and after


From Doug:

"I just couldn’t resist the romance and nostalgia evoked by this tall ship image by Nicolas Tinguely. I had fun applying some of our Photomorphis products in a way that would transform this image into a painterly vision from yesteryear.

Here’s a brief overview of my process:

I first placed the image into a Photomorphis Texture Bites 3 #4 file to play with some immediate texture effects. I blurred one of the texture layers and played with their opacities and blend modes a bit. Then to add some drama (a bit of N.C. Wyeth Treasure Island inspiration) I layered in Photomorphis Cloud and Sky Textures Vol.1 #5 into the background with a bit of masking. I capped it all off by applying an overall texture (Photomorphis Painterly Background Textures) in soft light blending mode to tie it all together. Oh, and I wanted to give the ship a little more real estate to sail into so I transformed the right side of the image, stretching it to provide a bit more room for the boat. When something is moving like this ship, it’s nice to provide some space for it to move into.

Of course, this image was great as is, but for me it’s all about exploring the emotions of an image and the nostalgia of this ship really spoke to me. It’s also important to point out that there were many great images posted for which we’re very thankful! My selection of this image doesn’t imply that it's the best image of all those submitted. There were many images which were equally compelling so no-one should take this selection to mean anything other than it’s the one that grabbed me in the moment, and I would encourage everyone to submit again for our next “MorphMonday”. - Here is the before photo and check out today's post for the transformed version. Congrats Nicolas!   -Doug Landreth"