How to install ON1 Presets

How to Install Photomorphis ON1 Presets 

Mac OS X or Windows:

IMPORTANT: Make a backup copy of your new Photomorphis ON1 presets first.

Note: Before installing a preset package, first close any images that are open in ON1.

  1. Download the purchased file from your Photomorphis User Dashboard (more information here) and unzip the resulting folder.

  2. In this folder, find and right-click the file with the .ONPreset extension,  
    Select > OPEN WITH > ON1 Photo RAW.

  3. The ON1 stand alone application will launch/open automatically. A window will appear: "This will install the 'Preset Name' preset package. Do you want to continue?" Click Yes.

  4. Another window will appear:  The preset package "Preset Name" has installed "X" new files.  There were no errors.  Click Close.

The Presets will appear inside of the respective module they are designed for, under the Preset menu located in the top left corner and available under the associated category name of the Preset pack.

Finding ON1 Presets.jpg

find all the ON1 Presets in the Photomorphis Store

Looking for ON1 Support? You'll find it here