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Rarefied Strata Textures

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Lots of unexpected details to give your photos a unique twist. This collection has the appearance of ancient stone layers extracted from an archeological dig. Look closely... Do some seem to have traces of fossils embedded in the grit and grain?

20 ultra high-res files measure 6000 pixels. 50% larger files so you can output your final images at a much higher resolution. You also have more options when it comes to repositioning, cropping and framing your composition.

This product is delivered as an immediate digital download • For Mac and PC • Use with Photoshop, Elements, all versions of ON1 Layers, Topaz Texture Effects, and any other photo editing software that allows the creative use of layers and blending modes.

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Download size: 89 MB.
20 JPEG files, each measuring 6000px.


Texture Gallery

Note: Click to zoom. Preview slides are only 500 pixels. Actual textures are 6000 pixel high-resolution files.