Texture Bites 1-4 Bundle

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You get 20 Texture Bites Vols. 1-4 + Tutorials 

For Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, ON1 and more!*  Photomorphis Texture Bites™ are layered files that work like a digital sandwich containing layers of tasty textures. Just add your image to the Bite and the preconfigured file automatically does the rest for you. The blending modes and opacities are preset for immediate results, but if you want to, you can easily fine-tune the effects to match your creative vision. It really couldn't be any easier: Test drive a free sample

It’s a fun way to blend textures with your images. Simple to use and with sophisticated results. Take a look at the incredible examples (below) that were created simply by adding a photo to a Texture Bites file.

Bundle includes 20 bites and more:

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  • Photomorphis Texture Bites 1 (contains 5 Bites)
  • Photomorphis Texture Bites 2 (contains 5 Bites)
  • Photomorphis Texture Bites(contains 5 Bites)
  • Photomorphis Texture Bites 4 (contains 5 Bites)
  • Streaming Texture Bites Instructional Video for Photoshop and Elements Users
  • Streaming Texture Bites Instructional Video for ON1 Layers Users

TB-PART-5-refined-Black--flatten300.pngTexture Bites PSD files work with programs offering a layered workflow such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, On1 Layers and others (see list below).  Consider this: Each PSD file contains 3 unique built-in textures (15 total this collection) that can be saved out as individual files and added to your texture library. These textures aren't available in any other collection so it's like getting a bonus texture pack in every Bite!

Your bundle download includes 20 unique Texture Bites and 2 streaming video tutorials (Photoshop and ON1 Layers) with super easy Quick Start instructions along with Doug Landreth's favorite Texture Bites Tips and Tricks for optional tweaks and creative adjustments. 

*Texture Bites are only compatible with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, ON1 Layers, Affinity Photo, GIMP, Corel PaintShop Pro (X8 and above). Mac or PC. 

More Texture Bites options:

Texture Bites 1Texture Bites 2Texture Bites 3, and Texture Bites 4 are available both individually and as part of specially priced Bites Bundle 1-4.

Texture Bites 5Texture Bites 6Texture Bites 7, and Texture Bites 8 are available both individually and as part of specially priced Bites Bundle 5-8.



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