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RuleofThirdsBKheroalt30009.jpgThe Rule of Thirds BlendKit™ 

A preconfigured Photoshop file that transforms single images into finished triptychs. It's easy for photographers of all experience levelsChoose from 12 unique frame styles including an aged postcard, vintage film holder, tintype, Polaroid transfer, rough-edged art paper and more. Also in the file10 textured backgrounds, distressing options and color adjustments. Requires Photoshop CS2 or newer (and is not compatible with Elements). More details and preview video.

Minimal Divisions-07 Example flower2.jpg

Minimal Divisions Textures Collection

Austere compartments to showcase your photographic art and give it a fresh context.  

You decide. Will it be the perfect framework for a multi-image composite or a graphic presentation for a single stark image? Maybe you'll ghost it back so it's barely there or blend it with several textures. Invent new ways to show your artwork. 
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Photomorphis Dimensional Divisions-Volk-square.jpg
Dimensional Divisions Textures Collection

Is your art looking a little flat?  Create areas of interest by introducing raised or recessed relief elements into your composition. Start out by using them as traditional mats or frames. Soon you'll be creating more complex art pieces that build on the dimensionality. Perfect for landscapes, still life and abstract art. It can add a powerful presence to portraits.
More Details or  free Dimensional Divisions Creative Tips video.

Photomorphis Complex Divisions-13volk sq.jpgComplex Divisions Textures Collection 

We're not sure what they are but we absolutely love them. They remind us of wonderful things like Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Mondrian's grids and nudes descending staircases. If they had a scent it might be of celluloid and smoke. We stopped trying to figure them out and started looking for creative ways to use them. That worked out much better. 
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Brush-hero-1.jpgPhotoshop Grunge brush bonus pack

PLUS, you get 15 Photoshop brushes that will add more grit and personality to your BlendKit or Divisions masterpiece. Bonus pack is delivered as digital download with the Divisions+BlendKit Bundle.


BlendKit Example Gallery 

Click to zoom. Preview slides are only 500 pixels. The BlendKit produces 3000 pixel high-resolution files.

Minimal Divisions Gallery

Note: Click to zoom. Preview slides are only 500 pixels. Actual textures are 6000 pixel high-resolution files.

Dimensional Divisions Gallery

Complex Divisions Gallery

Bonus Grunge Brush Gallery