FREE Video: Colores y Texturas on1 Tips

FOR ON1 USERS: Doug Landreth demonstrates how to add professional photo effects and unique texture effects with just one click using Colores y Texturas ON1 presets.

Colores y Texturas ON1 presets are inspired by our trip to Cuba so you can count on them being very colorful and dramatic. What's more, they have original Photomorphis  textures baked right into the preset. You can add professional photo effects and artistic textures with just one click. You'll be developing new looks in seconds and each preset can be easily fine-tuned to help you achieve your creative vision. 

Each pack installs 15 ON1 presets and 12 unique Texturas Cubanos textures. Or save with the bundle and get 45 presets and 46 textures PLUS 10 Bonus Textures!

• Colores y Texturas ON1 Presets Vol. 1
• Colores y Texturas ON1 Presets Vol. 2
• Colores y Texturas ON1 Presets Vol. 3

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