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Isolated Artifact BlendKit

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Rodeo Horse F.jpgNow any Photoshop user can create dramatic, textured composites in minutes. The Isolated Artifact BlendKit is a preconfigured Photoshop file that transforms simple photos into complex photographic art. Easy for beginners but with plenty of advanced options available for experienced users.

Here's how it works: Start with an object shot on a white background and the BlendKit will produce beautifully composited final images with push-button ease. No need for difficult masking or advanced photoshop techniques. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you!

Just add your photo to the BlendKit. Then toggle the texture, border, aging and distress effects until the image matches your creative vision. 

Blue Ulysses After.jpgThe 5-step quick start guide and included starter video "Isolated Artifacts: The Basics" will have you up and running in no time. It's a painless way to learn valuable Photoshop techniques while you create new photographic art. Requires Photoshop CS2 or newer (and is not compatible with Elements).

Artistic border options include: Thin border distress, white ragged surround, brass corners and rivets, dark grunge border, and photo corners.

Add light and dark distress options for more character: Highlight distress, old script, light spill, horizontal striations, water stains,  scratches, dirty canvas, wall cracks, and stains.

Choose from background textures created especially for this BlendKit: Ancient Document, Cold Concrete, Sanded Wood, Green/Gold Tarnish, and Brown Varnish.

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BlendKit files measure 3000 pixels on the long edge • Product is delivered at an immediate download • Download includes a preconfigured BlendKit TIFF file containing borders, distress options, background texture layers and more; The Quick-Start PDF, and link to online tutorial video • This BlendKit is only compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Requires CS2 or newer. (Not compatible with Elements or ON1.) 


Sample Image Gallery

Click to zoom. Preview slides are only 500 pixels. BlendKit produces 3000 pixel hi-res files. All images made with the Isolated Artifact BlendKit.