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Isolated Artifact Expert Bundle

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You get all this with the BlendKit
® Expert Bundle:

• The Isolated Artifact BlendKit
• "The Basics" BlendKit starter video
• 5-Step Quick Start PDF
• "Beyond the Basics" advanced tutorial video
• "WAAAY Beyond the Basics" exclusive bonus video. Only available with this bundle!


ISOLATED ARTIFACT BLENDKIT • Now anyone can create dramatic textured Photoshop composites in minutes. The Isolated Artifact BlendKit is a preconfigured Photoshop file that transforms simple photos into complex photographic art.

Here's how it works: Start with an object shot on a white background and the BlendKit will produce beautifully composited final images with push-button ease. No need for difficult masking or advanced photoshop techniques. We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you!

Simply add your photo, then toggle the texture, border, aging and distress effects until the image matches your creative vision. Includes 5-Step Quick Start guide and "The Basics" video.  Requires Photoshop CS2 or newer (and is not compatible with Elements).  More BlendKit details...


"BEYOND THE BASICS" BLENDKIT TUTORIAL • Sure, the Isolated Artifact BlendKit lets you create amazing images without breaking a sweat...

But did you know there's a lot more horsepower waiting under the hood? Tap into the full potential of your BlendKit. This advanced tutorial video picks up where the free starter video ends.

It's all about Photoshop problem solving and finding the best creative solution. Don't want to to shoot your image on white? Are your image highlights disappearing? Like to do things your own way? 

In 60 minutes, Doug Landreth will show you how to bend the Isolated Artifact BlendKit rules in surprising ways with incredible results.  More video details...

WAAAY-Beyond-Hero-orange-500-.jpg"WAAAY BEYOND THE BASICS" BONUS VIDEO ( ONLY AVAILABLE WITH THIS BUNDLE) • Peek inside Doug Landreth's creative process as he creates fine art images on the fly. The evolution took several hours but we sped it waaay up and compressed it into a 25 minute burst of Photoshop expertise and BlendKit innovation.

There's minimal narration and we suggest you put on some music, kick back and watch the amazing art evolve. There are captions and callouts for tips along the way. If something looks interesting, rewind and take a second look. 

Things fly by very quickly in this video and for the most part you'll want to simply enjoy the flow of creativity with an eye out for new Isolated Artifact BlendKit ideas and inspiration. So use this unique video as a jumping-off point for your own artistic research... Explore, invent, and have fun!


Watch the BlendKit preview video

Sample Image Gallery

Click to zoom. Preview slides are only 500 pixels. BlendKit produces 3000 pixel hi-res files. All images made with the Isolated Artifact BlendKit.