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Atmospheric ON1 RAW Presets

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Atmospheric Hero1.jpgON1 Photo RAW users: When the weather doesn't cooperate you need a good backup plan. We've never seen anything quite like these premium presets and they're the perfect way to bring mystery, mood and fog to your photos. We've provided a wide range of artful effects ranging from quiet and subtle to bold with a little grit. One simple click installs 45 ON1 RAW Presets plus 15 Mist and Fog Textures. Watch the preview video below.

Here's what you get:

  • 15 Atmospheric Fog RAW Presets give you clean, subtly misted effects. Nothing but lots of lovely ethereal vapor rolling and drifting into whatever setting you choose for them. These presets utilize the Mist and Fog Textures (included, see below) to achieve their unique look. 
  • 15 Atmospheric Effects RAW Presets take the Atmospheric Fog presets and add varying amounts of textural tooth, analog borders, light effects and lots more. These are the most fun of the bunch and the results are an adventurous blend of soft mood and creative expression. 
  • 15 Atmospheric TiltShift RAW Presets add a tilt-shift lens to the mix for results that can be surreal, dramatic, retro, colorful or contemporary depending on how you decide to use them. These make great tools for exploring new visual styles and, as with all Photomorphis presets, you can easily fine-tune the effects. 
  • Mist and Fog Hero 215 web.jpgPLUS: 15 Photomorphis Mist and Fog Textures (a $14.99 value) are automatically installed along with the presets using the one-click installer. The Atmospheric Presets apply the texture effects perfectly for you every time. It's truly effortless!  Remember, you can also use them as standalone textures inside the Layers module, so it's like getting a new texture pack for all your projects. If you are not an ON1 user you may purchase Mist and Fog Textures separately.

For use with ON1 Photo RAW only. These presets will not install into versions of ON1 Photo 10.5 and older. They will work with all versions of ON1 Photo RAW.

This product is delivered as an immediate download: One click installs 45 presets and 15 Textures. Includes easy to follow instructions. Compatible with all versions of ON1 Photo RAW.


Preview video: See what they can do