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Artificial Sweetener Presets

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Some photos need extra sweetening to enhance their emotional impact. 

A little or a lot: How many lumps do you want?

One Lump: 10 presets that add glowing candy-colored hues to a sophisticated blend of texture effects, soft blurs and image enhancements. Delicious as-is or with a little tweak here and there.

Two Lumps: These 10 presets bring even stronger flavor. Each packs a double dose of vibrance and intense creative effects. Dial them back or push them even more, they're easy to fine-tune for the perfect look.

You get all 20 presets in the Artificial Sweetener Preset collection. Click on the preview images below to zoom.

  •  Easy one-click installation
  •  20 unique presets
  •  Fully customizable
  •  For use with ON1 Perfect Effects 8, 9, Photo 10 and above


One lump: Presets 1-10

Two lumps: Presets 11-20