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Digital Holiday Card GIFmaker

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Snow-Globe-Hero-215.jpgShow off your Photoshop creativity with cool holiday GIF cards you can email, text and share online! Our preconfigured Photoshop file will animate the falling snow and twinkling lights for you.

Anyone can do it! Are you a beginner or advanced Photoshop user? We've got you covered.

Beginners: The 5-minute Quick Start video walks you through the basics of the layered Photoshop file:

1. Select a preconfigured snow globe style from the list
2. Add your own photo to the globe
3. Export your animated GIF and share. 

Advanced Users:  Don't want the simple route? Doug Landreth's in-depth 30-minute tutorial shows you alternative snow globe bases, 10 background textures, greetings, twinkling effects, falling snow, table surfaces, light streaks, texture overlays and more. Use your Photoshop skills to finesse the shadows, masks, burn/dodge layers, blend modes and color palette.

Comes with everything you need:

  • Layered Photoshop file with all the Snow Globe ingredients 
  • 5-minute Quick Start video
  • 30-minute in-depth tutorial
  • Bonus: 10 Photomorphis holiday textures included in the layered file

Sample animated Holiday GIF: Free download

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Helpful Tip: You can use Giphy to share your animated snowglobe GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, email, and nearly everywhere! Show me how to share online

This product is delivered as a digital download: 361.8 MB. View videos on Mac or PC.  The layered snow globe file only works with Adobe Photoshop CS6 and all CC versions (and is not compatible with Elements). Exported GIF dimensions: 1000 x 1500 pixels. Exported GIF file size: 2 - 2.5 MB

Common-sense disclaimer: There are a few apps and platforms out there that don't play well with animated GIFs. Most will work just fine. Most social media support animated GIFs but if you're concerned we urge you to do your research. Tell me more. Still not sure? Download the sample GIF and test it out before you purchase. Have fun!