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For Photomorphis Memento Tableaux BlendKit® Users: The advanced Expert Video picks up where the free BlendKit Basics Video leaves off.

Doug Landreth provides step-by-step instructions to customize the Memento Tableaux BlendKit and make it 100% yours. Want to add your own books to the BlendKit tableau? How about a dimensional object sitting on top of a book? Need to incorporate text or graphics while retaining the page curvature and shading? Looking to add some drama with lighting effects? You'll find these techniques and lots more.

And the best part? You'll be able to put these amazing new photoshop skills to work on all your composite photo projects.  

Topics include:

  • An easy way to select and export your image candidates (Demonstrated using Lightroom).
  • Tips to improve your image’s appearance
  • How to customize your BlendKit page masks
  • Add your own books to the BlendKit
  • Put your own props inside the BlendKit
  • Combining desk props with a mask
  • Add visual interest with a light beam effect
  • Customize with text and graphics 

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Video available for streaming (recommended) or digital download. View on Mac or PC. File size: Approximately 579.16 MB, "Read Me" File 31 KB,  Video duration: 01:06:10.

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Beyond the Basics: Tutorial



Tutorial-Hero500.jpgSure, the Isolated Artifact BlendKit lets you create amazing images without breaking a sweat...

But did you know there's a lot more horsepower waiting under the hood? Tap into the full potential of your BlendKit. This advanced tutorial video picks up where the free starter video ends.

It's all about Photoshop problem solving and finding the best creative solution. Don't want to shoot your image on white? Are your image highlights disappearing? Like to do things your own way? We have the answers right here.

This is an essential video for the serious BlendKit user. You'll learn to bend the rules in surprising ways and to work smarter with professional results.

Beyond the Basics tutorial topics include:

  • Learn which file type to use in your BlendKit smart object
  • Understand BlendKit image selection criteria
  • Working with difficult images that have white tones in the subject
  • How to use the Advanced Adjustment layer group
  • Creating intricate masks for more complex subjects
  • Using the pen tool and making selections
  • Using dodge and burn tools on a mask
  • Adding your own backgrounds and patterns to the BlendKit
  • Ways to work smarter with smart objects
  • Methods to eliminate fringing
  • Effective keyboard shortcuts for compositing
  • Experiment with Color Lookup adjustments
  • Creating masks from color range selections
  • Working with adjustments layers and using clippings paths
  • Adding color and pattern fill layers for additional effects
  • Working with blend modes and using multiple distress layers.
  • Creating framing elements for your image
  • Using various Photoshop plug-ins for a finishing touch

Along the way Doug also shows you the step-by-step construction of an original composite image. All the demonstrations use the Isolated Artifact BlendKit but you can apply your new skills to improve any photographic composite.


For streaming and digital download. View on Mac or PC. File size: Approximately 560 MB. Video duration: 01:02:33.


For Photoshop users.

This is what everyone has been asking for! OK... Everyone usually asks for one-on-one Photoshop lessons. But an in-depth Photoshop video tutorial with source image files and textures comes in a very close second. 

Every component you need to follow along with Doug Landreth and create your own version of his beautiful fine art composite. Topics include photo-compositing, layers, blending modes, masking, creative strategy and keyboard shortcuts.  

In-Depth Video Tutorial: Gain insight into creative options, decisions and advanced Photoshop techniques. No more trial-and-error. Play along with Doug in real time to master new skills.

Source Files: 1500 pixel jpegs of every image used in the composite. 

Texture File: Ancient-Walls-11 included

Quick Start PDF: In a hurry? The abridged PDF will get you there faster.

Final image: No need to squint at the screen to see how everything turns out. There's a copy of the final image so you can zoom in to scrutinize and compare every artful detail.

File download size 192MB 




In one afternoon you can learn how to correctly compose and capture more successful images. Discover the essential techniques to make your images POP! Award-winning fine art photographer Doug Landreth gives you creative and technical skills to construct more dynamic shots than you thought possible. And right now, the complete course is on sale for only $34.95.

  • Learn camera operation: Composition, exposure, focus
  • Use the amazing features of your camera to craft images like a pro
  • Master the blurred background effect while keeping your subject in sharp focus
  • Know when to take your camera off the automatic setting, and be comfortable doing it!
  • Discover how to control your camera precisely and quickly when you need it  
  • Take vacation photos that are worth sharing with friends and online
  • Learn to take portraits instead of snapshots
  • Capture all the excitement and action sporting events
  • Learn how to use color for more impact and drama

This is the video tutorial version of the very popular Photomorphis photography seminar led by award-winning commercial and fine art photographer Doug Landreth. Now you can take the same course on your schedule and learn at a pace that's comfortable for you. PLUS: You'll own the video download and can re-watch the class as many times as you want to!

$69.99 Now $34.95