The Art of Texture: A Video Guide

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AOT-215.jpgFinally... All the answers in one place from the artist who pioneered the technique!

This is Doug Landreth's definitive guide to textures in Photoshop and ON1.

Plenty of before-and-after examples, detailed step-by-step instruction and Doug's creative insights make this video guide a must-have for every fine art photographer

It's the next best thing to attending a Photomorphis Art of Texture Workshop and comes with two advantages: You can learn at your own pace and rewatch as many times as you want... You own the video!


Chapter 1. Why textures? Examples and creative applications.
Chapter 2.  Understanding textures and making them work for your image.
Chapter 3.  Importing and organizing texture collections in Lightroom.
Chapter 4.  Importing and organizing texture collections in Perfect Photo Suite. 
Chapter 5. Pairing textures with your images.
Chapter 6. Pairing textures with your images in Photoshop.
Chapter 7. Pairing textures with your images in Perfect Photo Suite.
Chapter 8. Layering, blending and refining in Photoshop.
Chapter 9. Layering, blending and refining in Perfect Photo Suite.
Chapter 10. Step-by-step image construction in Photoshop.
Chapter 11. Step-by-step image construction in Perfect Photo Suite.

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