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Memento Tableaux Expert Video

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For Photomorphis Memento Tableaux BlendKit® Users: The advanced Expert Video picks up where the free BlendKit Basics Video leaves off.

Doug Landreth provides step-by-step instructions to customize the Memento Tableaux BlendKit and make it 100% yours. Want to add your own books to the BlendKit tableau? How about a dimensional object sitting on top of a book? Need to incorporate text or graphics while retaining the page curvature and shading? Looking to add some drama with lighting effects? You'll find these techniques and lots more.

And the best part? You'll be able to put these amazing new photoshop skills to work on all your composite photo projects.  

Topics include:

  • An easy way to select and export your image candidates (Demonstrated using Lightroom).
  • Tips to improve your image’s appearance
  • How to customize your BlendKit page masks
  • Add your own books to the BlendKit
  • Put your own props inside the BlendKit
  • Combining desk props with a mask
  • Add visual interest with a light beam effect
  • Customize with text and graphics 

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Video available for streaming (recommended) or digital download. View on Mac or PC. File size: Approximately 579.16 MB, "Read Me" File 31 KB,  Video duration: 01:06:10.

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