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PRO Tutorial: Silent Passage

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For Photoshop users.

This is what everyone has been asking for! OK... Everyone usually asks for one-on-one Photoshop lessons. But an in-depth Photoshop video tutorial with source image files and textures comes in a very close second. 

Every component you need to follow along with Doug Landreth and create your own version of his beautiful fine art composite. Topics include photo-compositing, layers, blending modes, masking, creative strategy and keyboard shortcuts.  

In-Depth Video Tutorial: Gain insight into creative options, decisions and advanced Photoshop techniques. No more trial-and-error. Play along with Doug in real time to master new skills.

Source Files: 1500 pixel jpegs of every image used in the composite. 

Texture File: Ancient-Walls-11 included

Quick Start PDF: In a hurry? The abridged PDF will get you there faster.

Final image: No need to squint at the screen to see how everything turns out. There's a copy of the final image so you can zoom in to scrutinize and compare every artful detail.

File download size 192MB