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Hidden Potential Preset Bundle

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The Hidden Potential Bundle includes:
• 30 Hidden Potential Lightroom Presets Vol.1 (25% OFF)
• 30 Hidden Potential Lightroom Presets Vol.2 (25% OFF)
PLUS: 15 Color Finish Lightroom Presets FREE! ($14.99 Value)
• That's a total of 75 PRESETS at a really great price! 

Stop throwing away good photos

How many shots weren't usable even though your camera settings were spot on? Ever had an incredible landscape opportunity ruined by limited lighting conditions? How often are you thrilled while shooting on location but let down by the results when you get home?

Now you don't have to settle for disappointing photos straight out of camera and you don't have to spend hours in Lightroom adjusting them:

  • Correct many undesirable lighting conditions.
  • One-click fixes with local adjustment options.
  • 100% non-destructive. 
  • Easy to fine-tune. Adjust to suit your creative goal.
  • For Lightroom. Mac or PC.

Hidden Potential Lightroom Presets are engineered to overcome many challenging landscape lighting conditions. You'll find yourself going back though your Lightroom catalog to give new life to photos you thought were hopeless. And each non-destructive solution can be as easy as a single click.

Click once or fine-tune further. It's your choice. All Hidden Potential presets provide optional local adjustments to completely personalize your results. Watch the free video below and learn how to use these creative controls quickly and efficiently. 

 Check out the before and after of each preset in the slideshow gallery on this page • This product is delivered as an immediate digital download
For use with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC • Free instructional videos: LR Preset Basics • LR Preset Tips and Tricks • Hidden Potential Tutorial 
The Hidden Potential Collections are also available separately: Hidden Potential LR Presets Vol.1 and Hidden Potential LR Presets Vol.2


See how they work: Watch the Tutorial NOW

Free with the bundle:15 Bonus color finish Presets 

Brand new Color Finish Lightroom presets. The perfect followup to a Hidden Potential preset, adding a final color-only effect to your photo without affecting the tonality. A $14.99 value, but for a limited time you get them free with the Hidden Potential Bundle.