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50 Artistic Selections Vol 2

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Artistic-Selections-Vol-2-Square215.jpg50 essential textures and now at 6000 pixels! The Artistic Selections Series is a best seller with fine art photographers who require a wide range of styles and creative versatility. Soft and subtle or gritty and aggressive. Saturated hues and muted. They're all in this package.

Volume 2 features 50 sophisticated textures in a ultra high-resolution format. 50% higher resolution files allow you to output your final images at a much larger size. You also have more flexibility when it comes to repositioning, cropping or framing your composition

Preview the the textures below... What images could you create with Artistic Selections Vol. 2?


These texture files are not available in any other collection. •Use with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, ON1 Perfect Photo Suite, ON1 Photo10, and any other photo editing software that allows the creative use of layers and blending modes • Download size: 296 MB. • 50 JPEG files, each measures 6000px.  


Texture Gallery

Note: Click to zoom. Preview slides are only 500 pixels. Actual textures are 6000 pixel high-resolution files.