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"Luminous Alchemy is the magical process of taking the ordinary and transforming it into extraordinary using radiant textural light"

Introducing 10K ultra-high resolution textures with hints of fine canvas and watercolor papers, artfully infused with the essence of billowing clouds, delicate color, elements of distress, and luminous patinas.

← Watch the preview video to see all the incredible details.  For best results click the full frame option (lower RH corner of video player).

Luminous Alchemy Ultra 3

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New Luminous Alchemy Ultra are, quite simply, our most rich and detailed textures to date and 10K resolution makes them our highest resolution textures ever. Take a look at the preview video to see the complex artistry and you’ll understand why Luminous Alchemy Ultra are unlike any other textures.  This collection contains 10 Ultra texture files.

HD 10k resolution means countless creative options whether cropping, zooming in or working with high-res images. Crop to specific areas within each Ultra texture for unlimited custom effects.

Hyper-Complex Composited Texture for maximum depth and clarity. It took several long months to create the Ultra textures and the results can be seen in the rich, painterly details.

Luminous Lighting Effects create drama and emotion with zero “heaviness” or “grit” to distract from your photograph and, as a result, they work especially well with landscape, portrait and still life photography. 

Wide Range of Color Palettes easily adjusted and fine tuned through the use of adjustment layers.bundle banner.jpg

Professional effects crafted by fine art photographer Doug Landreth make these textures special and the quality will be evident in your photography. Luminous Alchemy Textures can stand alone as artworks so just imagine the spark they'll bring to your projects.

Details: This product is delivered as an immediate digital download • For Mac and PC • Use with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, ALL versions of ON1 Layers including Photo RAW, Topaz Texture Effects, and any other photo editing software that allows the creative use of layers and blending modes • 10 JPEG files, each measuring 10,000px  • Download file size 1.06GB  

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TEXTURE Gallery 

Click to enlarge. IMPORTANT - These are low res 900px samples and do not have the incredible detail available in the 10,000px product, so be sure to watch the preview video (above).