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© 2016 Doug Landreth of Photomorphis. Photo composite created using Quiet Landscape texture #01. 

Quiet Landscape Textures

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Quiet-Landscape-Texture-02-After-400px.jpgQuiet compositions require a lighter touch, especially when it comes to textured effects. Too much grunge and your subject can get overpowered. On the other hand, a skillful combination of muted tones, subdued vignettes and finely detailed grain can amplify the emotional depth of a scene. 

Whether you're communicating solitude, tranquility, isolation, or simple beauty, each of these 10 subtle surfaces will complement your most delicate photograph, reinforcing the mood without creating a distraction. See for yourself: Move your mouse over the beach image for a dramatic "before and after."

Quiet Landscape Texture 05 Sq 430px.jpg

Check out the previews in the slideshow gallery below • This product is delivered as an immediate digital download • For Mac and PC •

This product is delivered as an immediate digital download • For Mac and PC • Use with Photoshop, Elements, all versions of ON1 Layers including Photo RAW 2017, Topaz Texture Effects, and any other photo editing software that allows the creative use of layers and blending modes • Download size 38.4 MB • 10 JPEG files, each measures 6000px.  


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Click thumbnail to zoom. Preview slides are only 600 pixels. Actual textures are 6000 pixel high-resolution files.